Autumn has come

5 Abr

As season approaches to its end we, once again, find some time to post pictures of our latest trips.

These Chinook no longer play over the gravel of a Simpson river bank, autumn has come.


The exceptional weather of the second part of the summer helped to keep clear waters with stable flows. Fish were certainly happy with these conditions and fishing with dries was pretty consistent in almost every place.

With no more salmon eggs to feed upon, Rainbows will not miss out a chance to take a well presented mayfly.


The well marked foam lines on the Simpson will often hold powerful fish waiting to gently sip your tiny fly tied on that thin leader... Scary.


Foam is...


We deeply thank everyone that has supported SouthAnglers this season and we hope to share together a new fishing adventure in the near future. We’ll stay fishing hard and exploring new waters to keep up with your expectations.


2 comentarios to “Autumn has come”

  1. oldsmugglerflyfishing abril 10, 2010 a 5:56 pm #

    Siempre el fin de la temporada es muy tiste, nos hace pensar mucho lo que hemos hecho y lo que se vendra en unos meses más cuando nuevamente nos permitan ir tras los salmonidos.


  2. southanglers abril 15, 2010 a 5:20 pm #

    Espero que hayan tenido buena temporada en Mendoza.
    Aquí estamos aprovechando cada día antes del cierre. Las aguas siguen bajas y las truchas están receptivas a las secas, parece que saben que deben ganar cuanta energía les sea posible antes de empezar el invierno…



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