Road trip

11 Ene

We’re just coming back from a road trip to Junin de los Andes area, Argentina. We were invited to check out some classic Neuquén waters. Malleo, Aluminé, Collon Cura and Chimehuín are part of the most well known waters on the area, some of them legendary.

Lunch break

We had the chance to float a few of these streams and to prove first hand why so many fishermen have these waters as referents. It got really windy at times but we had one day that was really fun; had a clear sky, no wind, lots of hatches all day, and many fish on dries. Average size was definitively smaller than Coyhaique´s trout, but fish were in good numbers.

Fish #376

On the down side, we saw at least 7 rafts floating the same stretch of river in a day!, not counting the bunch of fishermen casting from the banks. Plus we caught several fish with their mouths hurt by previous hook ups. Guides and fishermen were very kind and showed respect for the other boats on the water, guides were also connected with radios and worked in cooperation. 

Dreaming for another milanesa and a cold Quilmes


3 comentarios to “Road trip”

  1. oldsmugglerflyfishing enero 14, 2010 a 6:19 pm #

    Linda salida de pesca.


  2. DG enero 14, 2010 a 10:31 pm #

    🙂 Se pasó como cuidan sus ríos los Argentinos…bien

  3. Felipe enero 27, 2010 a 1:24 am #

    hola bre …te e llamado pero ya cache donde andavai ….la foto de la camio esta increible ,, se paso el cielo y los colores….pegate un llamado cuando tengai tiempo.. y que sea un buen 2010..saludos al gabo..


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