Dragonfly, the farter.

9 Sep

It is one of the most effective imitations for sub-surface tactics. This voracious creature grows chubby eating pretty much anything smaller than him.

As most of us already know, they are fast swimmers. It is the jet that comes out of their asses that propels them forward a couple of inches each time they expel the water, in other words, each time they fart. 

This easy to imitate insect, is often neglected by anglers when fishing moving waters, but the truth is that our chubby fellow inhabits these waters as well, specially Spring Creeks, and the use of Dragonfly nymph patterns it is always a great alternative when surface action is off.

A long lasting pattern, notice great the silhouette

A long lasting pattern, notice the great silhouette.

On heavily fished waters big browns will frequently prefer a juicy Dragonfly imitation, fished close to the bottom, over some other classic streamers, nymphs or dries.

Impressionist or realistic imitation?

I would say it’s a matter of tastes but, for me, realistic imitations have never worked very well compared to the more life-like motion those impressionist patterns have. A mixture between both styles with some long life materials is what I choose when tying all of my flies –sorry for the purist tiers-.


This respectable Brown was caught on a quite heavily fished Spring Creek near Coyhaique, it took the Dragonfly imitation shown above. Photo credits to Frank Brillert.


3 comentarios to “Dragonfly, the farter.”

  1. jeronimo septiembre 25, 2009 a 10:25 am #

    Que lindo bocado, para una linda trucha. Directamente proporcional

  2. DG septiembre 25, 2009 a 6:37 pm #

    Hola Jero!
    🙂 Sin duda una buena trucha.

    Vieras mi caja de moscas!, está en su mejor minuto, con muchas imitaciones de Dragon custom made, listas para ir al agua.
    Nada de moscas chinas ni de pequeños niños haciendo moscas en Tailandia…

    • jeronimo septiembre 25, 2009 a 7:14 pm #

      que ricoooo, se viene se viene. vi tu mail, revisando calendario.


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